Kore Therapy


I am delighted to announce a special offer for KORE Therapy - two treatments for £60.00. This is an offer for all new clients and the first two treatments should be booked 7/10 days apart. All subsequent sessions are £40.00 each and a treatment package can be discussed for clients with chronic conditions. The first treatment includes a full health consultation and takes approximately 1.5 hours.

WHAT IS KORE THERAPY (Kinesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement)? KORE Therapy works by mobilising, releasing and removing restrictions throughout the body to promote better alignment and balance. When the body is free from imbalances and restrictions, blood and lymph circulation improves, transporting everything the body needs to work smoothly and affect individual systems including hormonal balance, internal organ balance, brain function, muscular strength, neurology and emotional balance. This could resolve many health related conditions. In simple terms, KORE restores the body’s core balance. KORE Therapy consists of muscle testing to identify the root cause of the problem/pain. Critically acclaimed, KORE is effective in helping people overcome a wide range of health, diet, sports and fitness issues, accelerating recovery from injury, improving sports performance and alleviating chronic conditions with it's unique blend of traditional and modern assessment and treatment techniques.

KORE is suitable for: back pain, joint pain, headaches, insomnia, arthritis, menstrual difficulties, fatigue, stress, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, frozen shoulder, neck issues, sport injuries and more. KORE integrates the best of both Eastern and Western assessment and treatment skills, looking to identify why there is a problem and where it is coming from. For example, lower back or knee pain could likely be caused by a pelvic imbalance.

Cupping Therapy and Amno Fu Abdominal Massage together with a wide range of techniques can be used to treat the client. Cupping Therapy - Cupping involves the use of warm suction glass jars on an oiled body as a therapeutic massage system. The vaccum formed by the glass jars draws up the non-circulating stagnant bloods, toxins and sticky fluids from deeper parts of the body, bringing them upto the surface, restoring free healthy flow to the whole body including the affected area and creating space for oxygen, living cells, blood and nutrients for a quicker recovery.

Amno Fu Abdominal Massage is undertaken to release all the twists and torsions in the bowels while balancing the internal organs, clearing trapped toxins, restrictions and releasing waste products - thus creating a fantastic system for treating many stress, bowel, lower back and emotional problems by promoting good health and enabling the organs to function to the best of their abilities. To book contact me on 07708-883942.